Early Child Development Center

Our Early Child Development Center (ECDC) is an inclusive environment for all early learners. Learners in this environment receive support based on their individual behavior, diagnosis, and needs. We operate the ECDC very much like a preschool with both group and individual instruction. Children will work on goals in a play setting while engaging with preferred items and activities. In addition to working on individual goals, we focus on teaching children the pivotal skills needed to transition to kindergarten or first grade (i.e. sitting in a group, lining up, raising hands, listening to instruction, etc.). Learning is done in a naturalistic fashion that encourages kids to explore and navigate their environment and learn from their peers. The inclusive environment promotes understanding, compassion, empathy and social adaptability.


What Sets Us Apart

We support an integrated program philosophy as we recognize the importance of building mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationships among our youngest generation of both neurotypical and neurodivergent children.

Next Steps

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