Early Child Development Center (ECDC)

Our Early Child Development Center and Preschool (ECDC) is an inclusive preschool for all early learners, regardless of ability or diagnosis. Learners in this preschool environment receive support based on their behavioral needs. Children work on individualized and group goals in a preschool setting. Instruction flows between structured learning and free choice, allowing children to engage in areas of personal interest, while also learning how to be a part of a classroom or social group. 

The ECDC and Preschool emphasizes children’s social-emotional development in a supportive environment. The ECDC teacher provides group instruction, such as circle time, art and crafts, group yoga and sensory exploratory activities, just to name a few. We feel that the emphasis during early childhood education should be on social-emotional development. If we help children create a solid foundation of social-emotional skills, they will be better equipped to cope with the challenges that this world presents as they grow. 


What Sets Us Apart

We support an integrated program philosophy as we recognize the importance of building mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationships among our youngest generation of both neurotypical and neurodivergent children.

Next Steps

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