Allison Westbrook


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Allison was born and raised in Texas, and recently moved to the beautiful state of Colorado to be closer to the mountains and the snow! She finished her undergraduate studies and gained her RBT certification in August of 2020. Allison earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Texas Woman’s University and worked with children as a nanny throughout her time in school. She began working as an RBT at a clinic specializing in early intervention in June of 2020. Her passion resides in working with small children to help maximize their knowledge and wellbeing. Allison plans to one day obtain a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy that she will use to help people in geriatric and pediatric settings adapt to life’s many challenges.  

Outside of her passion to help people, Allison enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and spending time outdoors. When she is not working or outdoors, you can find her curled up with a book and a fresh cup of coffee (or two).