Haley Alexander



Haley played soccer at the University of Missouri while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Health Science. Haley discovered her love of supporting individuals and families through various volunteer programs she participated in during her time in college. She then moved to Florida to pursue her graduate degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at the University of South Florida in 2012. Haley’s graduate lab focused on physical activity and safety skills, resulting in her publishing a paper regarding the effects of using ABA strategies to increase physical activity in adults diagnosed with intellectual disabilities.  

Haley has experience working in schools, clinics, and home-based settings for individuals diagnosed with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and other mental health disorders, with ages ranging from early intervention to adulthood.She has also enjoyed roles in training staff members and mentorship programs for RBTs and individuals seeking BCBA certification.  

Haley is passionate about physical activity, striving for independence, and community integration. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling around the world and exploring the great outdoors.