Indigo Egli-Davis



Growing up with a wide variety of interests and large amounts of curiosity, Indigo has tried her hand in many trades. Although, a few of her passions have been lifelong endeavors: the love of making connections with others, the desire to learn and grow, and the ability to tap into her inner child.

She began her career in childcare at a young age, babysitting for family friends and then working in a nonprofit daycare in high school. She began to work with families more closely when she became a nanny, which is what inspired her to get her Bachelor of Science in psychology. She wanted to learn more about human behavior and how to help families more holistically.

She worked in the Sleep, Self, and Personality lab at Iowa State University where she learned how our daily lives affect our wellbeing.

Indigo is now excited to start her path in ABA and continue to learn and grow with the families she meets. In her free time, she likes to hike, do art, play music, spend time with friends, hang out with her pets, and explore all that Boulder has to offer!