Lori Barbarian

Clinical Director, MS, BCBA

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Lori was born and raised in California, where she received her BA in Psychology from Whittier College. Lori worked to follow her dream in forensic psychology in her early years of undergraduate school, but soon realized the challenges of working with a dangerous population. While volunteering at a shelter in her spare time, she realized the data driven practice of applied behavior analysis was very intriguing and decided to pursue that avenue of human behavior instead. I

n 2012, Lori moved to Colorado to escape LA traffic and enrolled in a dual MS program for counseling and ABA. Working with children diagnosed with emotional disorders through the Denver school systems opened her eyes to a world where mentalistic practice meets ABA and the rest was history. Although applied behavior analysis does not dive deep into one’s past or present traumas, the importance of acknowledging and teaching social/emotional skills to a population that struggles with both helped bridge the gap between the mentalistic and behavioral world.  

Lori has worked with adults and children of all ages and with various disabilities for the past 11 years and dedicates her time and energy teaching the importance of social emotional awareness and how it affects our behavior.  

Lori’s after work hobbies include spending time with her family, going on long walks, exploring new local restaurants, and curling up in front of the TV with a thrilling new murder mystery.