Rebecca Franklin


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Born and raised in northern California, Rebecca graduated with a BS in Human Development from UC Davis. She jokes that she has been studying how to be a human since she can remember, a life long learner.
After living a good life in California, she adventured to Colorado in 2008, grew two little humans, and became a mom!
In 2020 she graduated from Clarion University in Pennsylvania with an emphasis in ABA and special education and then became a BCBA!
Rebecca has coached swimmers of all ages, lifeguarded for the National Park, interned as a Child Life specialist, helped friends with home repair, worked as a para educator in the school districts, volunteered for a human rights organization fundraiser, and spent many years being a behavior specialist and coordinator.
In 2001, when she met Vicci Tucci, a BCBA in the San Jose and Santa Cruz, Ca, Rebecca felt she had found her niche! She studied with Tucci and her team of ABA people, learned how to grow as an ABA practitioner with Skinner Verbal Behavior and Keller’s PSI, and the CLM. She says “Learning what will spark a Learner’s curiosity, how to nurture their strengths, and build new skills, has been what keeps me curious. And being a part of a behavior team, is a cherry on the top.”