Roma Velasco


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Roma’s professional journey has been anything but linear, filled with diverse experiences that have shaped her into the person she is today. Throughout her career, she has discovered that caring for and teaching children is not only her most cherished job experience but also an essential part of her core identity. Her passion for working with children has remained unwavering, even during career detours. Whether it’s early childhood education, yoga facilitation, or teaching college-level classes, Roma is committed to nurturing young minds and contributing to their healthy growth and development.

Roma holds a BS in Psychology and Secondary Education with a specialization in Values Education and an MA in Human Performance Psychology and is a registered yoga teacher certified in trauma-informed yoga and yoga nidra.

Looking ahead, Roma plans to embark on a graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis, solidifying her aspirations to become a BCBA in the future.

As a lifelong learner, Roma constantly seeks knowledge in areas such as non-violent communication and trauma-informed approaches, underscoring her commitment to providing a supportive and empathetic learning environment for her students.

Originally from the Philippines and now calling Colorado her second home, Roma finds solace and inspiration in the great outdoors. She actively engages in activities that challenge both her body and mind, such as rock and ice climbing, mountain biking, gravel cycling, and triathlons. In quieter moments, she enjoys crocheting, reading, gardening, yoga, and playing the piano and guitar.