Independent Living & Employment Assistance Services

At Wild Sun we approach all areas that lead to meeting goals and continuing growth as an individual, and this includes acquiring independent living skills. Using a strengths-based behavioral approach, we work with you on life skills such as transportation and money management, daily living skills (ie. hygiene routine and time management, etc.), communication skills and self-advocacy, as well as social and job skills. These are just a part of what we will cover with the goals and plans we establish just for you. 

When you reach out, you will speak with our Independent Living Skills staff. We will begin the process of collaboratively creating a person-centered plan by establishing the goals you have identified as areas of focus. You will then be scheduled for weekly sessions that will use a data-driven approach as a guide towards the achievement of these goals by meeting each objective and building upon newly acquired skills. Reaching a goal that increases independence can often open new doors and pathways in life and we would love to help you reach your full potential!

The Details

What Sets Us Apart

We assess individual goals and skill sets to help each client identify their strengths and their areas of need. This helps us to determine independent living focal points and best-fit employment opportunities. We also work with a variety of businesses in the community to find employment that will maximize enjoyable work experiences.

Next Steps

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